Considering a Promotional Video?

You’ve been considering a promotional video but are still on the fence.

Why is video marketing so important for business? Everywhere you turn there are videos. Videos on websites, videos on social media, videos on billboards. Why is this? Because we as consumers are spoiled. We’re lazy. That’s right! We want information at the snap of our finger. We want to know what your business is, what you have to offer. How is this going to meet my needs or solve my problems? And, we want to know it right now. Whether I decide to get on my computer at midnight or four in the morning, I want answers. So if you’re not using video for your business, you are missing out.

My name is Bonnie-Love and I am the co-owner of d2d Creative, a Digital Creative Agency. And we focus on promotional videos for small businesses in md dc and va. What we do is we figure out who your brand is? What is the problem that your brand solves? How do you do this? Why is it different and who is your target audience? Once we have this information, we set up a time to come into your business to interview the owner, a staff member and a client. It’s my job to ask the right questions: The questions that are going to evoke emotion. Because when you can strike a chord with your audience, that’s when you turn leads into paying clients. And that’s what we’re all after. If any of this interests you, I invite you to set-up a complimentary consultation with me. During this call we we can discuss how we can make videos work for your business and online to bring in more leads and more paying clients.

Talk to you soon!