About This Project

Eat + LIVE is a home delivery prepared meal company that provides healthy, frozen meals directly to your doorstep. In addition to the delicious meals they provide, they send clients and local businesses an Eat + LIVE magazine with recipes, tips on exercise and healthy-living articles. They commissioned us to create a magazine design that was worthy of newsstands, a publication that was as beautiful as it was informative. And, that’s just what we did. In addition to the magazine design, we’ve created postcards and recipe cards for Eat + LIVE.

“Much of my time was being spent getting my start-up and partnership with the Cleveland Clinic off the ground. I did not have a lot of time or energy to spend explaining my mission and goals to an agency. But I was in desperate need of an innovative, professional logo, brand identity assets and a newsstand worthy magazine. After a couple of brief conversations with d2d Creative I had exactly what I needed. Everywhere I take our magazine from the American Heart Association, Cleveland Clinic, local medical practices and consumers alike, they all rave about the crisp, clean, professional look of our eat+LIVE Magazine – and I have the d2d Creative team to thank for that!”

– Schryse Williams, Co-Founder/CEO, eat+LIVE Meal Solutions


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