We Help Brands Find Their Inner Mojo

Our God-given passion is to help others. We do this in many ways. At d2d Creative, we help businesses, like yours, showcase their true potential by creating powerful, compelling and transparent websites and business videos. In doing this, we elevate your online presence and get you qualified leads.

Time to feel confident with your brand and online presence. Time for your website and video to start “closing the sale” before your first encounter.

Too often, we hear horror stories of web designers who’ve fallen off the side of the earth, who started on a project but a year later still weren’t finished or who simply used pink as a primary color when the client specifically asked for no pink.

With more than 25 combined years of experience in graphics, marketing and web design, we know exactly who we are, what we’re good at and what we love to do. And, we only do what we love, which means we’ll create something that you’ll LOVE!

But before we can do any of this we get to know our clients. Their passions. Their ideal clients. Their likes and dislikes. Only this way, will we begin to develop a true relationship that we hope to keep for the long haul. You see, we are a boutique digital creative agency ran by a husband and wife team. We choose our clients carefully because we’ve created a destiny where waking up and working on websites and videos is fun for us. That means the end product needs to turn out really amazing so that we can continue to live the family-oriented lifestyle that God has afforded us, we can continue to receive referrals from satisfied clients and we continue to live a happy, fulfilled life.

If your website is not mobile-ready, not able to capture leads and not converting leads to sales…you have a problem. If a visitor can go to your homepage and still not understand what it is that you do, you have a problem.  Contact us and let’s get started on your way to an online presence you are proud of! We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand to upgrade your online brand identity and create a website and videos that not only look great, but also help to bring in the money! Your new captivating brand and online presence will speak to your dream clients and your dream wallet.

d2d Creative specializes in website design and video production in Maryland.


Making people look and feel great is Bonnie-Love’s thing! From fashion makeovers to makeup artistry, giving people that inner confidence and making them feel pretty has been part of her life ever since she could remember. Once she realized that she could apply this to brands, she knew she had found her calling. 

With over 13 years of marketing, management and graphic design experience, Bonnie-Love takes great joy in holding her clients by the hand and kicking down that fence. Because, the grass is truly greener on the other side. Brand makeovers is what she does and what she loves!

But more than anything, her true passion is to help others and to share the knowledge of business that she has acquired through growing her own successful brand. 

Her best achievements…her 2 daughters, Jayla-Skye and Kali-Raye.


At the age of 17, as an intern at an architectural firm with not much to do, Howie was given a cubicle, a computer, and Photoshop 5 and was told to see what he can do. Shortly thereafter, he was designing proposal covers. With the encouragement of his co-workers, he soon started creating flyers and ads for local businesses.

He developed a successful side business (originally known as Desire To Design) as a graphic designer and continued building his portfolio and client repertoire throughout the years. After a lay-off from his job of 13-years, he decided to make a positive out of this trying time. And so he went on to pursue his true love of digital creativity and from there a star was born.

Now, he creates captivating brand redesigns and effective web design for businesses that are ready to kick their brands up a notch.

Howie is known for his easy-going personality and clean, professional graphics, websites and videos.

The best part of the job for Howie is the excitement that his clients have when a project is complete. He loves bringing a vision to light.