Your DC Event Video and Photography Team

This is How We Do It

Let D2D Creative capture your corporate event highlights, conferences, “man-on-the-street” video interviews, social gatherings, seminars, keynote speakers and workshops. We specialize in DC event video and photography.

We love covering special events! There’s something about the vibe that makes it feel much less like work. Whether people are at your event to learn more about their craft, gather with like-minded individuals or have a good time while sipping on some bubbly, our crew will be ready with smiles on our faces. Our style is candid documentary coverage. While we do ask guests to pose for photos (always need a good smiley shot for future branding), we try and capture as many authentic moments as possible. We are your DMV special events photo and video team!

Why Choose D2D for Your DC Event Video and Photography Partner?


The video and photo packages will be edited to show future sponsors/partners a successful, high-quality event with happy people…no matter how big or small your event or budget. At D2D, we make sure to include sponsor/partner branding shots, clients interacting with sponsor’s activations, etc.


It’s important for us to capture your event’s true essence. We know that your post-event marketing campaign will not only serve as an event recap but as early promotions for your next event. A D2D video not only reminds those who attended how fabulous it was, but also encourages future attendees to buy their tickets early! Our goal is to capture lots of smiling faces, hugs, selfies, delicious food and drinks… only the fabulous parts of your event.


We use several different pieces of equipment to make sure your event is represented in the best light possible. The D2D team has a fool-proof plan developed before your event to make sure no shot is missed. This involves a detailed meeting with our clients before the event date. Our crew and equipment size varies dependent on your event size.
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